RDaminabo & Company, Inc.
Certified Public Accountant

About Us

RDaminabo & Company, Inc. is a local Certified Public Accounting and Consulting firm. The firm consists of one certified Public Accountant with three professional associates. The firm was founded out of burning desire to better service the needs of small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Our goal is to provide services essential to the continued growth of businesses and not-for-profit organizations that we serve. It is our practice to be responsive to the current and future needs of the organizations by offering wide range of financial services with unparalleled consistency, timeliness and professionalism. We are equally attentive to the management development of our clients. We set excellence as our standard in rendering of services to our clients. Our principal asset is our experienced and dedicated staff. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality in our work.

A cost-effective alternative - outsourcing

In ever-changing economic environment businesses and not-for-profit organizations are required to provide greater services to their customers, members and/or community in order to meet their ever increasing demand. The management of an organization should commit its total time and effort to serving its membership and/or community needs. Non value added costs must be reduced in order to fulfill these enhanced needs.

The cost of providing salaries, benefits, training and various other overhead expenses when compared to service provider fees for task-oriented services is, in most cases, excessive. Not only are service providers' less expensive, but they can be more professional and attentive to your needs, as they are committed to fulfilling one specialized need and to serving their clients.


In order to effectively manage an organization, an executive must have timely and accurate financial information. The traditional, and often costly, in-house accounting department has usually provided this data. Management has required an attentive, detail-oriented staff of "number crunchers." Due to the rising cost of hiring qualified accountants and the ever-increasing cost of health insurance and other benefits, the non-value added cost of maintaining an efficient and effective accounting department to handle day to day operations has become staggering. This important capacity can be served by RDaminabo & Company, Inc. utilizing our accounting services staff of independent, competent professionals in an efficient and cost effective manner.
You pay only for the services required. Nothing more

In utilizing RDaminabo & Company, Inc. services, the management of an organization is relieved of the ever-burdening responsibility of supervising and directing the finance function. The contractual relationship established between RDaminabo and Company and an organization is one in which the organization only pays for the time incurred on its behalf. As a contractor, we are totally responsible to you. Contractors don't take vacation, don't call in sick and most of all, they are committed to your organization.
No problems, No headaches

Preparation and maintenance of financial records should be a trouble-free support function providing useful management information on a current basis. Your accounting needs are met with high quality of service that we provide all our clients.
We can evaluate without charge, the cost/benefit of contracting our firm to handle your accounting needs, which may range from basic bookkeeping to full financial responsibility.

We will analyze your current operations and develop an efficient and effective alternative, whereby we will assume your daily financial responsibilities and needs without compromising internal controls, timeliness of reporting, or quality of financial data. In fact, while providing our services, we improve each of these areas. Our computerized system and professional staff have enabled us to streamline the accounting process. This accounting efficiency is passed on to our clients in realizable savings.

Quality service you can count on

You are assured of quality services when you hire RDaminabo & Company, Inc. for your financial services, you are hiring experienced, dedicated professionals totally committed to its clients.